I am an Author, Publisher, and Inspired  Photographer. I had formal training in electronics engineering before developing my own company and becoming an Inner Vision Personal Development Trainer. After publishing my first book "Enlightenment for Beginners" I created the Inner Vision Press small publishing imprint. I have been into photography since my eighteenth birthday when my mum bought me my first 35mm, a Ricoh XR-P.  Before owning an SLR I used to take snap shots with a Kodak "Flip" 110mm.

I have always been interested in photography and recently took it up professionally. I have shot weddings, carnivals, parties, kids, dogs, America, Australia, New Zealand, The Milky Way and most recently lots of pictures of the Isle of Wight where I live. When I get inspired to pick up my camera, Vision happens! My photography philosophy is simple: Take outstanding photography with Vision. Be creative. Have Fun. Harm no-one. And share the Inspiration with others. If I can show just a little of the Vision I can see in my mind and record it on camera, hopefully that will be enough to show others the way to remember heaven.


All of my work can be printed in a number of media formats including framed prints, canvas wall art, acrylic blocks, aluminium and drinking mugs. Individual images may also be licenced for personal, editorial and commercial uses.


Please visit the Gallery for more details. Also visit my Blog for tips, tricks and tutorials on how to produce your own great photography!